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buy n95 mask united states, Disease can affect everyone, and so each of us ought to get behind those in charge of fighting it and take whatever action we can to avoid infection, as many do during the annual flu season. We know what those steps are because we have been repeatedly told about them. Since the coronavirus is spread through personal contact, wash your hands frequently, avoid people who sneeze and cough, and do not travel to places where cases of infection have been identified. One hopes some of these precautions will be temporary and that, like the flu (which has killed multiple thousands but has not brought panic or political posturing), the coronavirus will be a seasonal phenomenon and disappear as the weather warms and treatments become available.

buy n95 mask united states - CLICK HERE TO READ THE OPINION NEWSLETTER In the meantime, can we call a political truce? If we can sign a peace deal with the Taliban — as dubious as that may be — can’t we sign a “peace treaty” with each other over this virus? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has accused the president of “playing politics” with the virus. Trump responded by calling her “incompetent.” Pelosi then attempted to travel the high road, saying, “Lives are at stake. This is not a time for name-calling or playing politics.”

buy n95 mask united states, If only. Some of the Democratic presidential candidates are already blaming the president for not doing enough to control the virus. They don’t say how they would do it, other than spending more money. What they are really suggesting is that the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the secretary of health and human services are not doing their jobs. These are the people, along with their staffs, who have the experience to fight it. During World War II, one of the slogans that gained prominence was: “We’re all in this together.” My mother told me stories about neighbors sharing ration stamps and sugar with each other when one or the other ran low. Probably some had voted for Franklin D.. Roosevelt and others for his Republican opponents, but that didn’t matter when it came to the greater good.

buy n95 mask united states - One of the numerous spin-offs of the original Monopoly board game is called “We’re All In This Together.” It is described on this way: “Build support and rally the troops as you establish Camps and Headquarters on your way to victory!” CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP This is the attitude we most need now in order to obtain victory over this virus, rather than using it as a club to gain political victory, which would not bring a cure. Perhaps every politician should be sent and required to play this version of Monopoly with members of the opposition party.

buy n95 mask united states - Pope says to give up 'useless words, gossip, rumors'; theologian and ethicist Jonathan Morris reacts. Pope Francis tested negative for the coronavirus after falling ill last week, according to the Roman newspaper Il Messaggero. After spending last Wednesday primarily outdoors, Francis came down with a cough, chills and other flu-like symptoms. He was tested for the disease which has spread from China throughout the world, including to Italy, but the results were negative. The Pope cut back on his schedule while sick, giving up a weeklong retreat but keeping his private meetings, according to Il Messaggero. Even so, with coronavirus fears in Italy -- and the fact Pope Francis had never canceled so many public events since assuming the papacy -- the Pope's absence from public caused concerned speculation.