Coronavirus Allemagne

coronavirus allemagne, All public gatherings have been prohibited in Oise département, the main epidemic focus, according to the news outlet. The virus is spreading, it is a fact, Veran said after an emergency cabinet meeting, according to Le Monde. SECOND CORONAVIRUS CASE OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN CONFIRMED IN CALIFORNIA; OREGON CONFIRMS FIRST 'COMMUNITY SPREAD' CASE Five Serie A soccer games, which were going to be played without fans, have been postponed in Italy, which is struggling to contain a rapid spread in cases, Sky News reported.

coronavirus allemagne - At the same time, a school official in the German city of Bonn has reportedly tested positive for the virus, forcing around 185 children to be quarantined at home, according to the news outlet. Meanwhile, in England, three more patients have tested posted for the virus, bringing the total number of cases in the U.K. to 23. CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APP The viral outbreak that began in China has infected more than 85,000 people globally. The United States has 62 cases.

coronavirus allemagne, The Hill's media reporter Joe Concha said the mainstream media's reflex is always to blame President Trump -- no matter the topic. The mainstream media is so eager to blame President Trump for his handling of the coronavirus outbreak that important health information isn't getting out to the public, The Hill's media reporter Joe Concha said Saturday. Appearing on  Fox & Friends Weekend, Concha said the media reflexively criticizes the president, no matter the topic.

coronavirus allemagne - Literally this week Vice President Pence was picked to put together this task force to address coronavirus and now he is hiring all these people ... for that task force, he said. But Concha said the media is more intent on criticizing those plans than getting out vital information, adding the public simply is not educated on this [virus]  the way they should be because the media is not reporting on the educational part as much as they should. CNN'S CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE CRITICIZED: 'TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME STRIKES AGAIN'

coronavirus allemagne - How does this compare to the flu? If I'm 80 years old, what [are] my chances of dying as opposed to if I'm 40 years old? he told host Pete Hegseth. Those are the reports that I want to see more. Instead, Pete, it's a blame game. Concha said the best way to get out information about coronavirus and prevent misinformation is for Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar  to hold a daily news briefing on where we are in terms of fighting this, and what's being done to prevent it from spreading.