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corono virus mask buy online, Intelligence agencies are also worried about India's lack of countermeasures to the virus. While the country only has three cases so far, they believe its dense population could fuel a widespread outbreak, the news organization said. IRAN'S VICE PRESIDENT CONTRACTS CORONAVIRUS AS COUNTRY'S TALLY SPIKES AGAIN The role of intelligence agencies in fighting the virus up to this point has been monitoring its global spread and assessing the responses of governments. They have also provided necessary information to the Centers for Disease Control and other health agencies.

corono virus mask buy online - “Addressing the threat has both national security and economic dimensions, requiring a concerted government-wide effort and the IC is playing an important role in monitoring the spread of the outbreak, and the worldwide response,” a U.S. House Intelligence Committee official told Reuters. CLICK HERE FOR FULL CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE Agencies would track COVID-19's impact through a range of methods — from eavesdropping devices to undercover informants, according to the news organization.

corono virus mask buy online, The president credits his administration for being on top of the outbreak early on; Kristin Fisher reports from the White House. I saw fear that day. It was September 18, 2008. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) famously dialed Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, asking for an update on precipitous drops in the financial markets. IndyMac Bank failed. The federal government seized Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Lehman Brothers tanked. Bank of America bought Merrill Lynch. The Fed took over AIG. Questions lingered about overall liquidity.

corono virus mask buy online - Pelosi wanted an update, having not heard from the Treasury Secretary for several days. Pelosi later said the reason Paulson hadn’t briefed Congressional leaders “was because they did not want us to know” how bad things were as the global economy clutched the ledge by its fingernails. When Pelosi reached Paulson in the mid-afternoon, she suggested they meet the next morning. But that wouldn’t work for Paulson. “Madam Speaker, tomorrow morning will be too late,” Paulson told the Speaker.

corono virus mask buy online - “Then why am I calling you?” asked an incredulous Pelosi. The Speaker later recounted that Paulson impressed upon her that if they didn’t huddle that evening, “we wouldn’t have an economy by Monday.” By nightfall, Paulson, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Chris Cox arrived at the Capitol for a rare, evening meeting with the Speaker. Other top, bipartisan Congressional leaders and almost two dozen committee and subcommittee chairs, along with ranking minority members, crammed into the Speaker’s conference room. Paulson told the assembly he needed several hundred billion dollars “urgently” to stave off a financial collapse not seen since 1929. Bernanke told lawmakers that GM could tank. The market could crater by 30 percent. Unemployment could skyrocket.