Infrared Fever Thermometer

infrared fever thermometer, Coronavirus has now killed about three times the amount of people around the world than were sickened during the SARS outbreak in the early 2000s. The SARS outbreak killed 349 people in mainland China in 2002-2003 -- with 744 deaths and 8,096 infections globally, according to the CDC. Here are the latest figures. How many have been infected or have died? The virus has claimed the lives of 2,663 people and infected 77,658 in mainland China. There are now 80,038 cases around the globe with 33 deaths officially reported outside of mainland China.

infrared fever thermometer - Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Iran, Taiwan, France, and the Philippines all recorded fatalities from the virus. The WHO said the number of cases will keep growing as tests are pending on thousands of suspected cases. Where is the virus? Roughly 99 percent of new cases have appeared in China with the vast majority of the cases in Hubei province and its provincial capital, Wuhan -- the epicenter of the virus. Roughly 2,291 cases of the virus have been recorded in 33 countries around the globe

infrared fever thermometer, The United Kingdom has 13 cases in the country. Japan -- 838 cases (691 from a Diamond Princess cruise ship) (4 deaths) South Korea -- 833 cases (7 deaths) Italy -- 219 cases (5 deaths) Singapore -- 89 cases Iran -- 61 cases (12 deaths) United States: 52 cases Thailand: 35 cases Taiwan: 28 cases (1 death) Australia -- 23 cases Malaysia -- 22 Germany -- 16 Vietnam -- 16 cases France -- 12 cases (1 death) United Arab Emirates -- 13 cases Canada -- 10 Philippines -- 3 cases (1 death) Kuwait -- 3 cases

infrared fever thermometer - India -- 3 Russia -- 2 Spain -- 2 Israel -- 2 Oman -- 2 Bahrain --1 Lebanon -- 1 Belgium -- 1 Nepal --1 Sri Lanka --1 Sweden --1 Cambodia --1 Finland --1 Egypt --1 Afghanistan --1 Hong Kong -- 79 (2 deaths) Macao -- 10 Differences between coronavirus and the flu? The flu has estimated to have killed roughly 10,000 to 25,000 people with nearly 19 to 26 million infected in the U.S. between October 1, 2019, and January 25, 2020, according to the CDC. Coronavirus has impacted a far lesser number, although it's not yet clear how many have been infected or how widespread it is.

infrared fever thermometer - There have also been reports it can be spread without symptoms showing up. In respiratory illnesses, people with the most symptoms are the most contagious, the agency said. Children and those over 65 are the most likely to get sick from the flu, the CDC added. Unlike the coronavirus, there's a seasonal vaccine for the flu. People over six months out are advised by the agency to get it during annual vaccination, with certain rare exceptions, such as severe allergies to the shot.