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mundschutzmasken kaufen, Sixteen temporary hospitals were in place later that month which have treated roughly 12,000 people. Constriction efforts helped to increase the number of beds in Wuhan from 5,000 to 23,000. “A traditional inpatient hospital might take two-plus years to build because there are state and local protections in place such as zoning laws, code requirements, etc.,” Grant Geiger, CEO of EIR Healthcare told Fox News in February. “In an emergency response situation, providing clinical care is paramount.”

mundschutzmasken kaufen - CHINESE MAN WHO STABBED 2 AT CORONAVIRUS CHECKPOINT GETS DEATH PENALTY, STATE MEDIA REPORT The head of the largest of all the temporary hospitals in Wuhan announced they also plan to close it by the end of the month. Located at an exhibition center, it was designed to treat as many as 2,000 patients and has a staff of 1,260. About 600 of its patients have been released and another 400 were transferred to other hospitals, according to Dr. Zhang Junjian, the director of the hospital. We expect maybe in mid-March or during the last ten days of March, our patients will be basically discharged from the hospital, because fewer patients are being admitted and the number of patients being discharged is gradually increasing now, he told the Associated Press. So we can have at least 50 to 100 people discharged every day.

mundschutzmasken kaufen, If nothing special happens, I expect the operation of our makeshift hospital, the biggest one in Wuhan, could complete its historical mission by the end of March, he added. NEW YORK SEES 1ST CORONAVIRUS CASE, CUOMO ANNOUNCES 18 provinces also lowered their emergency response level over the past week, according to Reuters. While new cases in China declined, the virus continues to spread worldwide -- in part because of its 14 day incubation period and the ease of travel today. New cases continued to soar in Italy, France, Iran, and South Korea, while the Czech Republic, Scotland, Indonesia and the Dominican Republic all recorded their first infected patients.

mundschutzmasken kaufen - CLICK HERE FOR FULL CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE Florida, Rhode Island, and New York announced their first cases of the coronavirus on Sunday. Two people have died from the virus in Washington State-- the first fatalities recorded in the U.S. The Associated Press contributed to this report

mundschutzmasken kaufen - A second coronavirus death has been confirmed in Washington state, officials said Sunday. A second coronavirus death has been confirmed in Washington state, officials said Sunday. The Seattle & King County officials said four additional cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed among people living in King County, including one new death, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 10. The confirmed second death is a man in his seventies who had underlying health conditions. He was hospitalized at EvergreenHealth and died Saturday, the officials said.